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An Easter egg hunt for underachievers

An Easter egg hunt for underachievers

I don’t know about you, but planning, researching and details are not my strong suit. They weren’t in high school or college, and they aren’t now. I’d like to think that I can have a place for everything in my home and a meticulous pantry, but the truth is THAT’S. NOT. ME; at least not at this point in my life while we’re in tiny Brooklyn apartment with 4 boys under 7 years old. I’m more of a clothes-on-the-bathroom-floor and dishes-in-the-sink kinda gal, which is why an Easter egg hunt wasn’t necessarily on the top of my agenda this year. It still isn’t, but there’s a way to create a magical easter experience for your kids without having to stay up until the wee hours of the morning stuffing eggs and making cute chickies out of pom-pom’s and pipe cleaners. I mean, come on; ain't nobody got time for that.

Easter in our household is a particularly important holiday because we’re bible believing, church going, Jesus lovers, but whether that pertains to you or not doesn’t affect the fact that around springtime, most people get a good hankering for an easter egg hunt. Come on, you know you love it. I’ve found that a lot of churches host free easter egg hunts as a way to connect with the community, but if for some reason you can’t make it to one of those events, another amazing option is to gather your own tribe for a makeshift easter egg hunt. (Don’t wait for someone else to organize it. Go ahead. Put on your big girl pants and do it yourself).

This option is fun, cheap and easy to organize. It seriously doesn’t get much better than this:

  1. Email/ text/ call your tribe and come up with a day and place (preferably a park or playground) that works for everyone (The beauty of this is that it doesn’t HAVE to be on an exact day. Be flexible).

  2. Once you’ve settled on a day, copy and paste the following and send in a group message: “Hey Guys! So, we’re doing the Easter Egg Hunt on ______ at ______ o’clock at _____ park. Don’t forget to buy a dozen of those colorful, plastic eggs and fill them with a treat of your choice! Bring them with you and we’ll hide them when we arrive. See you then :)”.

  3. Buy eggs and treats (playdoh, bubbles, stamps).  

  4. Fill eggs. Or you can buy these ones that are pre-filled with cute cars!

  5. Don’t forget eggs.

  6. Meet at designated spot at designated time

  7. COUNT ALL EGGS and divide by the number of kids participating in hunt (enter: brain cramp)

  8. Divide and conquer: gather all kids in one area and have some mom’s entertain them for 5 minutes (Sing songs? Blow bubbles?) while the other mom’s are on egg hiding duty.

  9. Explain rules (ex. Stay within the park, only 5 eggs per kid, no snatching etc)

  10. Let ‘em loose!!

  11. Celebrate a successful Easter egg hunt (and then proceed to steal all the candy from your kids and stuff your face.)

Another option for organizing your own Easter egg hunt? Share this blog on Facebook with the caption, "Who's in?" or similar. Then you can do all of the organizing right on social media.

Easy Peasy.

You’re welcome.


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