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The #rockingmotherhood challenge

The #rockingmotherhood challenge

Anyone else here guilty of comparison?

It’s hard not to compare our marriages, our kids, our hobbies, our extra curricular’s to those of our friends and acquaintances. It’s easy to open Facebook or Instagram and see well dressed kids, vacations, and clean homes when your own children are wearing mismatched socks, playing in the yard (again) and surrounded by dirty laundry (or is it clean? Who knows…)

This is why I jumped at the chance to take the “Rocking motherhood” challenge when I was nominated by Casey of Jesus and Wine blog . It’s time to take my focus off of other people, sit down and brainstorm the things that I’M doing right (or proud of) as a mother. Because when was that last time I did that? Dare I say never.

I’m rocking motherhood because…

  • My boys ask for frozen peas for dessert. I’m not sure how this became a thing in our house, but it is. When my oldest was little, he loved eating peas and green beans as a snack (and now all my youngest will eat is cheese and goldfish crackers, so really it’s everything in moderation). Maybe that’s it. Maybe one day he requested peas for a snack, and I was too lazy to defrost them, so frozen peas it was! Sounds about right…

  • I survived having two under two. Twice. Enough said.

  • We take interest in their interests. Our oldest is obsessed with sports, so we go to games. Our second loves writing, so we sit with him and help him spell out love notes to his classmates. Our third loves bugs, so we go bug hunting with him. Our youngest loves playing catch and reading, so we throw a lot of balls and read all the books.

  • We say “I love you” all day long. We say it when they’re doing something good, if they’ve done something wrong and when they’re doing nothing at all. I’m a firm believer in “you can’t say I love you too much”

  • I pushed out a 10 pound baby. It may have taken forever, but I did it. 

  • We prioritize family time. Whether it’s doing an activity all together or having one on one time with individual boys, we try the best we can to show them that they’re important and that we enjoy spending time with them.

  • We’re raising them in New York. This is something that is HARD, y’all. It’s harder than I ever could have anticipated, but these sweet boys of mine are being given so many opportunities because we live here. They’re experiencing beautiful places, beautiful people and beautiful cultures that they never would have been exposed to if we had raised them elsewhere. They’re learning about empathy and being grateful for the things that they have because they see people every day that don’t have the “essentials” that we do. They’re living a multi-faceted life, but the beauty of it is that they don’t even realize it; this is just their normal, everyday life.

  • We let them get dirty. They’re boys - they need to make a mess. They need to have dirt on their hands. They need to splash in puddles. They need to really PLAY. I just keep telling myself that it’s strengthening their immune system.  I mean, we don’t let them get FILTHY (because this IS technically the city) but they definitely play like boys do, and I don’t stop them.

Honestly, I wasn't quite sure how this list would turn out. I didn't know if I could come up with more than three or four things, but I'm pretty happy to announce that I actually am "rocking motherhood" more ways than one. Thank you so much to Casey of Jesus and Wine blog for inviting me to be a part of this challenge.

To continue the challenge, I'm going to nominate some of my favorite, inspirational and hysterical bloggers who I think are rocking motherhood:

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So go ahead, take the challenge for yourself and have fun while doing it. We all deserve to remember the reasons that we're AWESOME. And if you are having trouble thinking of ways you're rocking motherhood, just copy and paste the following:

"1) I gave birth to a tiny human".



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