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Awesome Gifts for Boys

Awesome Gifts for Boys

Now that we’ve taken care of gifts for mamas, it’s time to move onto the kids. As far as I see it, these are the best gifts for kids this holiday season. Around the holidays we try to keep things as simple as possible. We have four boys. Four. So if each of them gets 5 presents, that’s 20 presents that we have to buy, wrap and clean up after (who knows that the worst part of gift giving is the cleanup of cardboard, twisty ties and a mountain of wrapping paper?). Therefore, we try to limit gifts to the following:


“Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
Something to read”
And something for another brother.

We love doing it this way for multiple reasons, but simplicity might be my top contender. 

We started the “for another brother” tradition last year to try encourage thoughtfulness and kindness in our dudes. Although the older ones MAINLY tried to suggest presents that THEY wanted for brothers (“no bud, your 15 month old brother can’t play with that $50 nerf gun”), we love the sentiment behind it. They may not fully get it yet, but the hope is that as we continue this tradition, they will. 

One of the benefits of having kids so close in age (and of the same gender) is that these gifts will end up being interchangeable and/ or passed down. So without further ado, our Christmas list for 2017 looks something like...

Gifts Kids Want: 


When you find a toy that keeps your kids entertained for hours, you share it with your tribe. This is that toy. All four of our kids love it (it's an especially great gift for kids 2-5 years old). They can use it to build castles, explore shapes, and crash freshly made "buildings". If the brand name is too expensive, you can also get the off-brand like we did! Get those here.


One of my favorite things about being a mom is playing games with my kids that I used to love myself. Trouble is the current fave, but let’s not forget Candyland, Chutes and Ladders and Perfection. The reason we love Trouble the most is that almost all of the boys understand how to play!


Tree Children Toys

This Etsy shop belongs to an amazing local mom and friend who has creativity coursing through her veins. She has made some amazing items that we have been the beneficiaries of (Brooks loves playing with the peg people that she made) and now has an etsy shop to share these beautiful items and showcase her talents.The dragon wings from her paint-your-own series are a current fave and she has a line of superhero robots coming out soon that are a MUST HAVE. Keep your eyes on this one. You don’t want to miss a thing (cue: Aerosmith). Be sure to use code "Brooklynboymom" for 15% off these awesome toys!


The Ravensburger puzzles are our absolute favorite. From Thomas the Train, Cars and Nemo to Avengers and Star Wars, these never fail to keep a kid entertained and using their brains. Hours of quiet, quiet (read: silent) fun makes a mommy happy.

Gifts Kids Can Read:

H: Our oldest is a huge reader, and a series that has him riveted is the I SURVIVED series. In these books, author Lauren Tarshis brings history's most exciting and terrifying events to life by giving a fictional, first person account of kids who survive against the odds and thrive in the midst of chaos.


W and A: Wonderbly books appeared on my radar recently and I cannot speak more highly of these beautiful books. They’re personalized, customizable books that are beautifully written and illustrated. They are so amazing and beautiful that I almost gave them to my kids as soon as they arrived on my doorstep instead of waiting for Christmas. Luckily I mustered up enough self control. We had originally intended to get these books for our middle boys, but they are so special that we’re going to get a couple more for the other two boys also. They do take 2 weeks to be delivered usually, so do yourself a favor and go order yours NOW.

B: The cadence, content and colors in these books make for perfect options for 2 year old Brooks. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and Steam Train, Dream Train have been favorites for years, but a few new additions are Dragon Was Terrible, Bear Snores on and a few of the Elephant and Piggie books.

Gifts kids can wear:


If you find jeans that can be passed down from boy to boy without having holes in the knee, you keep buying those dang things. We love these Osh Kosh Jeans because they hold up when the boys are wrestling for 23 hours a day.



Columbia jackets haven't failed us yet. We’ve found them to be relatively affordable for their quality, durability and warmth. Get yours and survive the cold winter!

Christmas PJ’s

Our faves are the Carters Pajamas. Unlike some other brands, Carters have the same prints from newborn-5T as they do for up to age 12. Last year was the first year that I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get the kids matching, AFFORDABLE christmas PJ’s. That is until I discovered this information. Now my kids can be matching for another 5 years, hallelujah.

Gifts Boys Need:

Toddler bed

You know that awkward place between a crib and a twin bed? That's called toddler land. Especially if you have a small apartment, you gotta go for the toddler bed. We loved this toddler bed because it was easy to put together and not too expensive. It has also survived several moves and break downs. And what kid doesn't like getting a big boy bed?! Pro tip: just don't tell them it's for little kids.


New sheets are one of the best things in life. That's how I feel for myself and my kids feel the same way. Sheets that have their favorite characters or creative inspiration for their imagination can't be beat. It makes going to bed an adventure and a joy rather than a pain. Get them some new sheets!

Water bottles

I've heard "mommy, can I have some water?" about 10,000 it's only 9am. Water bottles are awesome for anyone still in a diaper or who has great bladder control (beware if you've just started potty training!). It gives them control over their water intake and saves you a lot of trips to the sink. Get these - they are high quality and stylish.

Full Disclosure - We fully recommend and have used all of these products and stand by these recommendations! But some of the links above are affiliate links and we may receive some compensation if you purchase through our links.

You are not failing as a mom

You are not failing as a mom

Best Gifts for Mom - Holiday 2017

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