As a mom with 4 boys living in Brooklyn, I know a thing or two about strollers that work in the city. Check out my reviews of the strollers I have used here in the city and figure out which one is best for you in this season of life!


City Mini GT

This is my everyday stroller. It’s a dream to push, has great storage and at one point could be used for three of my boys. When my youngest was a newborn, I also had a 20 month old runner and a 3 year old who was not yet used to the Brooklyn mode of transportation: walking. Most days I would wear the baby, and push my runner in the stroller while the 3 year old walked, but this stroller is so versatile. When the baby needed a nap, I could put him in the stroller (with a snuzzler) while the others played at the playground. When the 3 year old needed a break from walking, I could let the runner walk for a few blocks. This stroller is so easy to maneuver that I could push it with one hand while I held his hand with the other. The only drawback to this stroller is that the straps are a little finicky to adjust, but with the rest of the stroller being so amazing, I’ll deal with it. Oh, and if this is an emergency, it's a Prime item on Amazon.

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This is our all terrain stroller and it has been a lifesaver for two years. If you’re a mom who lives in New York City with young kids, you know that a stroller to a city mom is like a car to a suburban mom. Some moms might think that the air-filled tires are a drawback (How often do I need to put air in them? What happens if I get a flat? How often do I need to replace them?) but since it’s your primary mode of transportation, you need it to be able to take a beating. Uneven streets, at the beach, over steep curbs, on icy sidewalks - this stroller has seen it all, and has passed all of the tests I’ve thrown at it with flying colors. There’s nothing this stroller can’t do (except make me a good cup of coffee. How amazing would that be?!). It’s a little bulky, but if I managed to store it in a Brooklyn walk-up, so can you. 

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If you have two kids under the age of two, this stroller is a must have. When I found out that I was pregnant with baby number 4, I knew that I was going to need a stroller that contained both my runner, and a newborn. I also knew that I needed a system to get the kids out the door efficiently and safely. This involved me putting the baby in the carseat and bringing him down our first flight of stairs, going back up to get the toddler and carrying him down. Then I’d bring the stroller down the second set of stairs, set it up, go back up to get the toddler, put him in and then going back to get the baby and then snapping the carseat onto the stroller. When we get home, we reverse that process and my workout is complete. One of the reasons I loved the B-ready Double over other similar strollers was because the rumble seat attached to the back of the stroller; with the other strollers, it attached to the front and I didn’t like the idea of having my toddler exposed to the elements (especially since the baby was born in the Fall, and winter was soon approaching). Oh, and this is for your coffee!

For some other options, check out the Uppababy Vista and the Baby Jogger City Select.

Maclaren Quest

We live a lot of our life within the boundaries of our neighborhood, but when we venture beyond Bay Ridge our only option (especially if I’m by myself) is to take the lightweight umbrella stroller. The Maclaren Quest works for both of our littles (who are now 22 months and 3.5). The storage basket is on the smaller side, but if I pack only the essentials (diapers, wipes, snacks and drinks), they’ll fit in there with room to spare. I also love the adjustable canopy - it’s smaller than all of the other strollers, but still has good coverage because you can pull it down in front.

You should probably also check out the Valco Baby Snap4 and the Uppababy G-Lite.


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